The Acura RDX SUV Commands Columbus Roads With Ease & Style

We all know how competitive the compact SUV segment is, and it's no better even if you restrict your research to the luxury class offerings. However, even in a field rife with competition, the Acura RDX compact SUV stands apart from the crowd. It earns praise from automotive experts for providing owners with a compelling combination of reliability, performance, driving dynamics, technology, and safety.

We think it's noteworthy that, unlike competing options in the category that offer a standard four-cylinder, the Acura RDX comes with a proven V6 powerhouse that teams with a six-speed automatic transmission to deliver the passing and pulling power that you want -- when you want it. Whether you're tackling a twisty two-lane road or an open stretch of highway, the SUV's handling is ready for the occasion and delivers the refined nature you expect. While the Acura RDX comes with standard front-wheel drive, you can choose to add available all-wheel drive if you tend to wander where you need more command of all four tires at all times.

While we've focused a lot on the SUV's performance capabilities, it is, after all, an Acura. That means it boasts the easily-identifiable exterior design that's a hallmark of the brand, with an interior that's laid out to accommodate and entertain drivers and passengers alike.

If you'd like to learn more about the Acura RDX compact SUV, contact Acura of Columbus and talk to one of our professional team members. We're always happy to help arrange for you to take a convenient test drive.

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