In Need of an Oil Change? No Better Place than Acura of Columbus

When you consider the heat, friction, and shock of metal parts slamming against each other, grinding and rubbing in a complex machine, you can imagine how much stress it puts on an engine. Without oil, your car simply won't run. With oil that is well due for a change, the benefits oil delivers are significantly inhibited.

So, why should you get an oil change?

Changing the oil is pretty much the best thing you can do for your vehicle on a regular basis. There are numerous benefits regular oil changes can do to enhance your engine performance including:

  1. Oil Cools the Engine: The location of the oil pan sits below the engine and is exposed to cool air that occurs from a moving vehicle. The cooled fluid then circulates throughout the engine capturing heat as it goes
  2. Oil Cleans the Engine: Oil helps flush out grime and debris that accumulates in an engine. It deters the formation of sludge and plays a role in removing some as well. This sludge and grime corrodes the steel frame of the engine ultimately wearing it down
  3. Oil Reduces Friction: The most important among many aspects of oil is the ability to reduce friction. The crankshaft continuously runs up and down the bearing, and oil acts as a lubricant to keep that sliding motion smooth and working correctly. Without clean oil, the friction would produce heat and wear that disintegrate your engine over time

Getting an oil change varies between what sort of oil you need, what your OEM recommends, and what kind of model you have. Typically, anywhere between 2,500-5,000 miles is a relatively safe bet for regular changes.

How do you get an oil change?

You can get an oil change simply by scheduling service at our Acura of Columbus service department. Before you do, make sure you check out our service specials to see if you can find any savings!

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