Keep your Acura running at its best by staying current with routine maintenance. Whether it’s brand new or gently used, your Acura will benefit from regular oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections by not only delivering top-notch performance but also sparing you an unexpected breakdown. Opelika and Auburn, AL drivers can save on quality Acura auto services with service coupons available from Acura Columbus. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Lubrication of the precision parts that make up many of your engine’s systems is the primary function of motor oil. Today’s synthetic blends allow you to extend the time between changes, but you should never skip a change outright. As your oil carries out its duties, it picks up metal dust and grime, growing dirtier over time. Full of abrasive sludge, dirty oil can clog parts and wear down components. Schedule an oil change according to the recommendation of your owner’s manual.
  • Getting the best performance from your vehicle includes attention to your tires. A smooth ride and dependable grip are only possible with properly inflated tires that have plenty of remaining tread. Rotating your tires will keep the rate of tread wear even and allow you to get the most from your tire investment. If you do get a new set of tires, it’s a good idea to also have an alignment performed at the same time, as this will also ensure even tire wear.
  • Multi-point inspections allow a mechanic to catch issues that aren’t immediately obvious as you’re driving, such as a frayed belt or a cracked hose. Performed routinely, they can help you stay on top of repairs before they become expensive or inconvenient.

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At Acura of Columbus in Columbus, GA, we rotate our special offers frequently so you’ll always find new opportunities to save on services like multi-point inspections, tire rotations, and oil changes. We take care to always use Acura components and the specific engine additives recommended for your particular model, so your vehicle receives the best care possible when you visit Acura of Columbus for maintenance. If you’re in Phenix City or LaGrange, GA, stop by our service center for more information today. Feel free to schedule your next service appointment online as well.

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