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While you may wash your car regularly and add windshield washer fluid, check the tire pressure and keep an eye on the oil level, it takes more than these important tasks to keep your car running smoothly. Beyond simple care for your vehicle are maintenance tasks that will keep the engine performing optimally. If you keep your car up to date on its auto service requirements, you'll avoid breaking down and can also ask more for your vehicle when it's time to sell it. Maintain your Acura with our Columbus, GA Service Center.

Let Our Columbus Service Center Handle these Important Routine Maintenance

Oil, Brake Pads & Light Bulbs

Changing the oil, replacing brake pads and changing the burnt bulbs in your headlights and turn signals are all routine tasks that can keep your car performing well. There are also several kinds of filters in your engine, some that deal with air and others that handle liquids. Changing these regularly will keep contaminants out of areas they should not be in, including the air you breathe in the cabin.

Oil Change


Engine fluids can be topped up as part of the tasks you perform to keep your car clean and waxed. Other long-term services include refreshing the fluids in various systems. Your brake pads should be changed regularly, but your braking system also contains a fluid that will eventually need to be replaced. Your coolant system, transmission and transfer case also have liquids that will need refreshing. Inspections of your struts and shocks and your spark plugs will also help to keep these functioning properly.


Rotating your tires is another important task that has a set schedule of every six months or 6,000 miles. Depending on your driving pattern, such as if you make more left-hand turns than right hand turns, your tires will wear more quickly in certain areas. Rotating them keeps everything wearing at roughly the same pace and keeps you from having to replace one tire earlier than the rest. It's also advisable to get an alignment done near Phenix City, AL when you put a new set of tires on your vehicle. This will keep your car riding smoothly and your steering true.

You may also want to change your summer tires for a winter set when roads turn icy. You can also take a moment to check your tire pressure once every one or two months to ensure they're riding correctly and not creating uneven wear patterns due to insufficient air.



Your climate has a huge effect on your vehicle. Warmer summer temperatures like that of which we see in Opelika, AL can sap your battery's efficiency, leaving aging batteries unable to cope with demands placed upon them. In the winter, colder temperatures slow the chemical reactions in your battery and render older batteries unable to hold a charge. This is why Columbus, GA drivers are often met with the unexpected and unpleasant prospect of a dead battery when they try to start their vehicle in the morning.

Battery Check & Replacement

Timing & Serpentine Belts

Most major service on your Acura won't be needed for tens of thousands of miles. Your driver's manual will list many of the most common belts and the mileage at which you should have them serviced. A general rule of thumb is to replace your timing and serpentine belts around every 50,000 miles or so. Other belts and hoses in your engine will begin to show signs of fraying, wear or begin to leak, indicating it's time to replace them.

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By bringing your Acura to our Columbus dealership, you're ensuring that any work will be performed quickly and accurately by mechanics trained in Acura service and using manufacturer recommended parts whenever possible. At Acura of Columbus, we specialize in every aspect of both long-term and short-term care of your vehicle. Schedule your next routine Acura maintenance with us, and check with us often to see if we're offering any specials on the services you need to keep your car running smoothly.