At our reputable Acura dealership in Columbus, GA, we work hard to help each client find an amazing car or SUV that they will thoroughly enjoy driving daily. Regular auto maintenance is an important part of your Acura’s longevity and overall condition, and the service center at Acura of Columbus actively supports LaGrange, GA. At Acura of Columbus, our technicians will do their part to keep your Acura running well throughout your many years behind its wheel.

All vehicles require routine auto maintenance to reduce the damaging effects of time and wear. These services include replenishing or replacing fluids, such as transmission fluid, oil, and coolant. It includes rotating the tires and ensuring that they are properly inflated to reduce wear and to promote a safe driving experience. Components like the brakes, battery, exhaust system, steering system, and more also need professional attention periodically.

The frequency of recommended Acura maintenance service varies. For example, the oil fluid change is required more frequently than a transmission fluid flush is needed. In fact, an oil and filter change as well as a tire rotation are among the Acura services that are required most frequently because they may be required every month or two based on how heavily you drive your vehicle. Our service techs are available to complete these services as well as all the required major milestone services, such as the 30,000-mile service. When you bring your Acura to us regularly, we will help you to follow the automaker’s recommended maintenance schedule.

  • What Is Routine Auto Maintenance?
  • When Should You Schedule Acura Maintenance Service?

How to Schedule an Appointment for Acura Maintenance Service

Whether it is time for your Acura’s next oil change, or your vehicle is due for a major maintenance service, our technicians will get the work done well and without delay. If you’re in Phenix City or Opelika, schedule your appointment with our Acura dealership’s service center by calling our office directly today. We encourage Auburn, AL customers to take advantage of our available service promotions and schedule service appointments online today.

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