You’re getting ready to tackle a wide range of holiday travel, from finishing up your holiday shopping to visiting family over the next several weeks. That means you’re also getting ready to rack up the miles on your Acura, so be sure it’s ready for the road ahead with service from our Acura Service Center in Columbus, GA. We’ll make sure your vehicle is both safe to drive and protected both inside and out so you can drive without worry.

Oil Change Service

Keeping your engine healthy is the key to enjoying your ownership of any vehicle, and regular oil changes at our Acura service center near Phenix and Auburn are a great way to do just that. Fresh oil and a new filter will help keep your engine internals lubricated and safe from wear and heat, while removing contaminants that can cause damage as you drive. It’s a simple service that can be done in as little as 30 minutes, and it’s one you’ll want before you embark on your holiday travels.

Brake Inspection and Replacement

Your brakes endure a great deal in the process of slowing you down, including both heat and friction that will cause components to fail if left for too long. Have your brakes inspected for safety ahead of your holiday travels so you can drive with confidence this holiday season. From simple brake pad changes to identifying disintegrating rotors or seized calipers, finding out what’s wrong with your brakes and having them repaired is the key to driving safely.

Cabin Air Filter

You’re about to spend a significant amount of time in your car, so you want to make sure your HVAC system is delivering clean, crisp air. Have that dirty, musty cabin air filter replaced and breathe easy behind the wheel.

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